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Conversation #4

I grew up with a mother who could, and would, talk with anyone. Standing in line, the person next to her in an auditorium, it never mattered. I have several memories from my teenage years of being embarrassed due to her willingness to interact… Continue Reading “Conversation #4”

Conversation #3

When we moved to San Marcos, I was surprised to realize we had our own LBJ Museum. After all, the JBJ Presidential Museum is just up the road in Austin on the campus of The University of Texas. This museum has wisely, in… Continue Reading “Conversation #3”

Conversation #2 – at the Calaboose

We found the Calaboose African American History Museum some time ago as we were driving around San Marcos and today we stopped by. It’s open on Saturdays. Here’s a brief version of the Calaboose’s history: “Originally constructed as a county jail in 1873, the… Continue Reading “Conversation #2 – at the Calaboose”

Conversation 1.05

This past week I talked with two very helpful people but I decided I don’t get to count either one toward my total. The first person was a librarian at the San Marcos Public Library who said they shouldn’t be one of my conversations… Continue Reading “Conversation 1.05”

Conversation #1

It was December 28th and I had decided to try this crazy idea of 52 Conversations. But about what? I had narrowed the list of possibilities, but hadn’t made a decision. Then a post about the 4th Annual San Marcos Celtic Festival showed up… Continue Reading “Conversation #1”