Conversation 1.05

This past week I talked with two very helpful people but I decided I don’t get to count either one toward my total.
The first person was a librarian at the San Marcos Public Library who said they shouldn’t be one of my conversations because they don’t live here. I’m honoring that wish (which is why I’m using ‘they’ as a singular pronoun), however, this person was delightful and very helpful. They showed me the locations of several oral histories from San Marcos, both audio and video, gave me suggestions of a couple of people to talk to. They pointed me toward a book with a section on collecting oral histories and while I’m not really collecting oral histories, there are certainly similarities. The librarian took my name and email address in case they had other thoughts and ideas. Even though I left the library with a book to read rather than a conversation to report, I left encouraged about the project. Better yet, I got an email the next day about a stalled library project that is somewhat related to what I’m trying to do and would benefit from “an enthusiastic volunteer.” I want to learn more before I commit to this expansion, but it was intriguing. More on that one after I’ve learned more about it.
The second person is the director of the San Marcos LBJ museum. His name is James Martin and I just dropped in to see if he was available or willing to make an appointment. He asked me to make an appointment and then spent twenty minutes with me. I have an appointment with him later in the week to learn more about the museum and his role as director, so that will be our official conversation #2. But I left his office with a list of suggestions of people and organizations to talk to in my quest to learn more about my new hometown.
People are a little perplexed at my request, but as I had hoped, they are interested in talking about events, experiences, and projects they care about. Both people I talked to clearly care about the San Marcos community and its people. Didn’t accomplish Converstion #2 in week two but it is scheduled and that’s the first step. Look for a post about the LBJ Musuem next week!
This weekend we went on another history hunt. If you’re intrigued by old cemeteries, I think you’ll enjoy some of the interesting history of the creation of the four local cemeteries we visited. And we had another gorgeous Saturday so I think there will be good photos as well. That will be up in a couple of days. But here’s a picture of the solitary peacock we saw at the San Marcos Cemetery.
If you have ideas, suggestions, or questions, please let me know and we’ll learn more together!

2 Comments on “Conversation 1.05

  1. I so enjoy talking with librarians, I end up learning more than just what I intended to find out.
    I’m looking forward to the cemetery photos. I rather like the art & beauty of the gravestones and stories they tell, some, when looking at family plots, show more than just a person’s birth and death. I’ve printed several of my photos in B&W and framed them, very stimulating for writing.
    I haven’t been to the LBJ Museum since I was a child, I’m quite interested of what will be shared, possibly revealed. I’d like to know how his upbringing influenced his presidency.
    Your journey has inspired me to embark on a similar one in this growing school district I now work and live in and the many communities it serves. I started my first conversation with an eleven year old and second with a language resource specialist. I did not expect what I learned, one is trying “be cool” despite having a learning disability and the other not being able to sleep, trying to reach through such behavior to help the student succeed. It’s pulled me into the community and I’ve realized I’m part of it, not just living in it.
    You’ve caused me to open my eyes and ears, I am now wondering what will I see and hear.
    Thanks Gage.


    • There’s a great thread on Twitter right now of people’s stories of asking a librarian to find a book. My contribution got an amazing number of likes as did everyone’s. Librarians as superheroes!

      And I love that this has inspired your conversations. Can’t wait to learn more!!


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