In the fall of 1975, I became a freshman at the University of Oklahoma. A couple of years later I found the perfect major – Letters. The Bachelor of Arts in Letters allowed me to study a multitude of interesting subjects and take a wide array of classes; I loved the diversity.  http://cas.ou.edu/letters  

Since then, I’ve spent my work life one campus or another as a student, an administrator, sometimes both, more recently as an external consultant.  Along the way I’ve learned lessons about campus life, organizational leadership, human nature, and quite a bit about myself. I’ve also learned to ballroom dance, practice yoga, knit rectangular things (because they don’t have to fit anyone) and not take myself so seriously. I’ve always been a reader, but now I’m also a writer, a teacher, and, amazingly, a runner (sometimes). I’ve learned that we’re all creative beings, have the potential to be leaders, and are able to accomplish more than we think we can.

And that’s what this blog is about – learning about anything and everything – topics I knew I’d be interested in, some I never thought would be interesting and others I never knew about before. For me, it’s all about learning new and interesting things and to some degree or another achieving what is meant by the phrase a person (originally man) of letters.

I hope you’ll find it all as interesting as I do and take time to share your thoughts in the comments. I look forward to our conversation. You can also follow me on Twitter @gagepaine.

  • Photograph by Gage Paine, 2013. The door into the stacks of the Bizzell Library at the University of Oklahoma. As a college student, I thought it was a door to wonder and knowledge.

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