Who Knew? So Many Views!

It had been a long time since I was that nervous about being on a stage. I was standing in the big red dot on a stage at Trinity University as a speaker for TEDx San Antonio doing a talk on silence. I’ve always worked to honor any time limits on my speeches, but it was unnerving to have a digital clock ticking down between me and the audience – especially since they promised to turn off our microphones if we went at all long. And I had decided to spend the first full minute of my speech standing on the stage, not speaking.

I loved being part of the entire TEDx process – meeting the other speakers, working with my coach, talking with attendees, being glad I was brave enough, crazy enough to do it. My husband and a few friends were there, a couple of people watched the live stream. I knew they would post it on YouTube eventually so a few more family and friends could see it. And I thought that would be that.

It never occurred to me that my little ten minute video would have over 10,000 views! One of my friends has shown it in a class she teaches; I know of other friends who have watched it. Occasionally, when I was still working at UT Austin, I would meet students who would tell me they had seen my  TEDx Talk. But that doesn’t begin to add up to even a 1,000 views.

In other words, I have no idea who has watched it or when or why or what they have thought about it. What I do know is we continue to need to find time and space to enjoy silence, to create ways to hear ourselves think, to be able to stand among strangers and be quiet. And I’m glad that I took this risk and that people have found something worth watching in my Talk.

I would encourage anyone to apply to attend a TEDx Talk when you get a chance. You never know what you will hear that inspires you. Better yet apply to speak at one. Because you certainly never know how many people might hear you or who you might help or inspire.

I’m grateful to TEDx San Antonio for the opportunity.  Thank you to everyone who has seen it or shared it. I am amazed and honored!



(See the talk through the link on the TEDx Talk page on my blog.)



One comment

  1. So glad you are back with your Degree of Letters. Missed reading them. I do remember seeing your TedX talk and could feel everyone’s level of uncomfortable feeling. Taught me the importance to be silent and just listen more! Welcome back Gage!

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